Horse Drawn Croydon

Our Terms & Conditions.


These are our terms and conditions in which we supply our services to our clients and offers protection for both parties to carry out the respectful service for the deceased funeral.


Please make sure you read through these before you agree to all services provided.


1.The term “Agreement” is a form of contract that is made between the Next of Kin making the Arrangements for the deceased and  the Funeral Directors that are supplying their services to carry out the funeral service.


2A. The “Agreement” is to be paid in full, 3 working days before the funeral and the person entering into this Agreement is accountable for all cost, unless alternative arrangements have been made to cover the costs of the funeral  (e.g. DWP, Insurance etc).

2B. Payments can be made by bank transfer, Cheque or Debit/Credit card.


3.The Next of Kin who has made all Agreements with the Arranger is the person we take all instructions from unless they have given us written permission to take from another person.


4.Fees - All fees will be written in a handwritten estimate on the day of booking, and then a formal letter with payment instructions will be issued in plenty of time, for the funeral to proceed as normal.


5.Personal information – we only hold your personal information to offer services later, should you require them. We do not pass any information on without your written consent first and will not pass to any third parties.

6.Provision of services – we will supply all that is needed for the day of the funeral,(e.g. Limousines, Hearse Horse drawn vehicle) unless something special is required and discussed with the arranger at time of booking. We cannot be held accountable for anything that was not set out in the Agreement at the time of booking.

7.While every effort is taken to supply special vehicles  such a Horse-drawn Carriages or Vintage hearses, these can sometimes be unable to perform due to ill health or breakdown which is out of our control, but an alternative will always be offered, and we can not be held accountable for such events.

8. Clothing - clothing may be supplied to the Arranger before the funeral should you require your loved one to be dress, But this is only done if the deceased is not infectious. Anything that is supplied should be easy and loose fit to enable staff to dress your loved one with ease.


9. Valuables- while every effort is made to return valuables, if we are not aware they are with your loved one then we cannot be held accountable for any misplacement.

10. Flowers - When flowers are ordered for the day of the funeral, once delivered to the chapel, we take every care to make sure flowers are well cared for but should flowers/flower cards become wet or damaged we cannot be held accountable for them, and once left at the Crematorium/Burial plot, they will be left unattended.

11. Complaint’s procedure – Should you, for any reason want to make a complaint about -the funeral arrangements, staff, or anything else please could you do so in writing to


Mrs Carrie-Anne Rouse

Co-Managing Director

Rouse & Co

Independent Funeral Directors

10 Forestdale Shopping Centre

Featherbed Lane




Detailing what’s been the cause for upset/complaint and we will proceed to rectify the situation.


Should you wish to complain further and you’re not happy with outcome, then please contact SAIF Consumer Protection scheme.

Via the SAIF website -


All information can be found on the SAIF website.